Throughout the years Garos has been true to its concept and values. At the same time, we are extremely focused on new and creative solutions and customer requirements. To satisfy customer needs all around the world, we continuously develop and refine our product range. This process is governed by a vision based on a number of core values.

innovative and reliable technology

Garos’ development work is based on the goal of developing machines and customized solutions that are innovative, reliable and user friendly. We pride ourselves on being able to supply the most elegant solutions available, no matter if it is a single machine or an entire production line.

Excellent service and knowledge

With a network of partners, we can work close to our customers in a large number of markets. Garos is characterized by expertise and extensive customer service that stretches from project planning to final assembly followed by service and customer support.

Continuous technical development

Customer needs are ever changing, and new food trends and processes are emerging faster than ever before. As we are one of the premier suppliers to the meat processing industry and we pride ourselves on our technical solutions our goal is to always be able to meet customer demands.