In a standard Garos MDF Tumbler it is possible to add a defrosting feature. This option makes it possible to cut processing time considerably when using frozen product. At the beginning of the production process you are often faced with frozen products. When using frozen products you are then faced with the problem of thawing the product as quickly and efficiently as possible. With the MDF tumbler you can circulate a heating medium through the cooling jacket while gently tumbling the frozen products, thus providing a quick and controlled thawing process.

The Garos Defrosting feature offers a speedy and cost efficient alternative to the traditional ways of defrosting such as tempering chambers or microwave systems. Vacuum defrosting delivers consistent results without incomplete defrosting or hot spots.

  • Reduces defrosting time considerably
  • Low cost of ownership
  • High food safety with fast processDefrosting and massage in one machine
  • Minimal weight loss during defrostingIncreased yield