In these difficult and exceptional times, the consequences of which we are probably all facing now, companies are doing everything to come out of the crisis unscathed, while incurring as few losses and costs as possible. That is why Garos meets these needs by proposing a solution that will allow you to reduce costs while creating resources to grow even faster.

You probably already know that Garos produces individual machines, but did you know that we also produce entire production lines? Our many years of experience, as well as the knowledge gained during this time, allowed us to create a solution that will certainly revolutionize your production!
Is your company constantly developing, and thus, you have more and more machines? At Garos, we know the importance of logistics in the production process, which is why we are offering you a breakthrough solution – integrating all your machines into one production line in a unique and non-standard way. Our main priority has always been our clients and their needs, which is why we guarantee that the project will be fully adapted to your needs.

Of course, the ordinarily connected production lines already exist, but thanks to our experience we have created something that you will not find anywhere else. VFS (Vacuum Filling System), will take you to a higher level of quality and allow you to have a continuous production flow. The main assumption of this system is the automation of line operation and transport, which will take place using special pipes, allowing you to continuously produce and operate all machines simultaneously without a break!

What will you gain by investing in a production line and VFS system? Certainly, greater efficiency of machines – thanks to the innovative solution, the need for labor-intensive manual operation or the employees’ movement between positions is eliminated, and thus our solution will also allow you to seriously reduce the employment. The entire production line will also be more hygienic and easier to clean than machines that are not integrated. Thanks to this, your production process will be much more profitable and the risk of threats to employees minimized. You will gain time, space, and funds that you can invest in the development of your business.

Do you already have our machines and want to decide to invest in a production line? We will also meet this need! Its creation can be adapted to new or existing machines. Remember – we focus on flexibility and adaptation to our clients – you dictate the conditions, even if you want to change them after some time. Regardless of the number of machines, the need for automation, computerization, and efficiency, we will certainly find the perfect solution for you! Also, remember that our specially developed system can handle all types of products – from meat in any form (minced, larger pieces), even to poultry.

Decide to revolutionize your production! Contact us and we will prepare an offer fully tailored to your needs and conditions. We guarantee that you will not regret this decision!



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