The GRT 620 (Garos Roller Tenderizer) is equipped with two rows of knifes,forming a tight pattern, which purpose is to slice the surface of the meat thus increase the total surface area. The process ultimately leads to increased brine retention during tumbling but also increased tenderness of the meat.

The GRT’s rows of knifes can be adjusted between three different positions, as well as an adjustable counter pressure of up to 1000N at 6 bars. The knifes are positioned so that the knifes can overlap without the risk of coming into contact with each other even when cutting deep into meat. The width between the knifes is 12.5 mm (resulting in a 6.25 mm cuts pattern) or 9mm (resulting in a 4,5 mm cuts pattern). The capacity of the GRT 620 matches the throughput of all our injector models, from GSI 350 up to GSI 820.