The market’s only brine mixing station designed to handle a large number of ingredients. Over time, the brine and marinade recipes have been modified to include more ingredients / dry substances. This has radically sharpened preparation requirements as regards handling, mixing, and dissolving the ingredients.

Our brine mixer station is the only one specially designed to handle a long list of ingredients. Here are some crucial facts to explain why: The feed hopper is equipped with a powerful ejector / jet pump that creates a vacuum by increasing the speed of the brine circulation through. Vacuum moves the ingredients through a 4’’ valve at the bottom of the hopper. The feed hopper is suspended in a cradle, which rests on springs and has a vibrator. The hopper continuously feed powder towards the outlet.

The GLT holds 1,000 liters, 1,500 liters, 2,000 liters, 3000 liters. The brine is pumped from the mixing station to the storage tank. From there it can be pumped to the required spot as needed. The tank has a conical shaped base so that all brine can be pumped out and utilized.

The tank is made of ACID-RESISTANT STAINLESS-STEEL SIS 2343/AISI 316/En. 1.4436. This is a necessity when mixing and storing liquids containing salt.