Throughout the years, Garos has stayed true to its core concepts and values. Simultaneously, we have remained highly focused on innovative solutions and meeting customer requirements. To satisfy the needs of our clients worldwide, we continuously develop and refine our product range.

This process is guided by a vision rooted in a set of fundamental values.


For 34 years, the values that have guided our company have remained constant. The company continues to be managed by the founding family.


Our most significant and essential value. Without our people, we certainly would not be where we are today.


By adapting to the needs of our customers, we continuously learn and gain experience, which we then apply to our solutions.


Driven by a deep commitment to our customers, we continuously learn and gain experience, applying this knowledge to create innovative solutions.


No barriers to creativity and imagination – these qualities make innovation integral to our work.


Our customers are our top priority. To ensure their safety and the quality of their products, we provide comprehensive service and support.